Panasonic GH1

Now here it is, The Panasonic GH1.
When I saw the specs and the official Pany features announcment it looks pretty tempting in my book. And it sure is a fine still camera for the price tag.

Here are my thought so far:

Less than $1500
Shallow DOF
Interchangeable lenses
1080 24p
Minimal Jello / rolling shutter esp in 720 60p
Face detection auto focus in video mode
Much better low light performance than anything with an adapter
Cheap media.

Some Jello vision.
Aliasing in 1080 24p may is an issue, untill you employ a stupid a work around.
No way to monitor your footage on set.
No way to turn off audio gain.
Harder to deal with footage in post
The 17mbps AVCHD codec.


than I saw the first footage and I did not like what I saw.
Beeing a professionell pixel counter, I can see that the 17mbps AVCHD codec (like all long GOP codecs) gives up pretty fast when any kind of motion is applyed.

GH1 Test 1080

This was taken fom sheer MTS. files.…lotest1080.MTS
Shot out of a moving train.
Looks not exactly impressing in my book.

As a matter of fact – I can see some pretty nasty stuff in there


I´m a firm beliver of uncompressed recording and when I look at that footage I know why.

by Frank Glencairn