SHOCK! SUSPENSE! HORROR! And cellphones, in a theater? Really?

O.K. here is the deal: It will allow you to interact with the protagonist via your cell phone by way of a language recognition software. The movie’s main actress frantically calls you for help (numbers are chosen at random after participating audience members submit their number to a speed dial code) and instead of screaming obscenities at the screen, you can actually interact with the character and tell her what to do (“Go left,” “Keep going,” etc.).

A computer is calling your cell phone DURING the film (aren’t we supposed to turn them dammed things of?) and the protagonist on the screen asks you – trough your cell phone – what to do next? Come on! This is hilarious.

Now all eyes of the whole theater are on you. Tell that stupid chick to go into the basement, where she got her head cut of by a insane killer? Probably because everyone and his kid brother stares at you, you mumble in your phone and the computer does not get it.

I’ve come to an intersection! Should I go up, or down?
I don’t know that word!
Should I go up, or down?
>pick up sword
I don’t know that word!
Should I go up, or down?

et cetera. Could one wiseass with a cellphone create an hourlong loop of our sweaty heroine dithering in the hallway, never actually getting anywhere?

It’s no different from playing a horror game on a game console. And on top of that, only one audience in the crowd participates, which leaves the rest hanging and strapped in for the ride

What makes this whole gimmick even worse, is that the audience member not actually controls what the character does; they essentially “vote” on one of two options the actor provided (should I go up or down?), and it seems to eventually lead to the same outcome either way, without even the suspense of dreading a “Game Over” screen.

This’ll never work. “Take off your clothes” will be the most popular response.
And what happens if someone doesn’t respond at all?

Ever heard about the rules of screenwriting? With a careful and diligent crafted arc of transformation, turnpoints, B and C storys, midpoint andwhat not?
All that goes down the tubes for a “interactive” load of bullshit?

What kind of crack smocking douchebag in the PR department came up with this idea anyway? Didn´t they tell the kid, that this kind of crap was tried since the 80es (he probably was not even born back then)?

This has never worked (unless you play a text or computer game) and it will never work for movies. Period.

That “Movie” is called (pun intended) “Last Call”. At least they found a proper name it 😉

Frank Glencairn

2 thoughts on “SHOCK! SUSPENSE! HORROR! And cellphones, in a theater? Really?

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