Canon 5D MKII – PL Mount Prototype

Nachdem Illya Friedman von HOTROD Cameras schon einige 7D PL Mounts für Lukas Film gefertigt hatte, konnte er jetzt den ersten Prototypen eines Canon 5D MKII – PL Mount fertigstellen

Sieht soweit ganz ordentlich aus. Bin mal auf den Preis gespannt.

Frank Glencairn.


10 thoughts on “Canon 5D MKII – PL Mount Prototype

  1. Yeah, saw it last week, that Zunow looks really promising. I wonder if the glass influences the picture.

    Frank Glencairn

  2. Nope – no distortion or loss! We are back ordered on them right now as they are flying off of the shelf!

    • Strange thing is, Matthew Duclos said, he had one since 6 months, but a version that works without any glass. Huh? Gotta look into that.

      Frank Glencairn

  3. That is strange – as the Zunow product is not just a mount but a lens adapter so that you get full frame.

  4. I know, in the moment I can´t wrap my brain around it. Gotta talk to Matthew. Maybe I understood that wrong.


  5. Tried the Zunow adapter last week. It was really awkward to focus and the image was quite a bit softer than before. Also several lenses did not fit. I don’t recommend.

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