Zeiss “Buttersharp” primes

Here is some more “character lens” food from a commercial shot I did yesterday.

Vintage (1960s) Zeiss medium format primes.
80/2.8 and 200/2.8 Camera, HVX200/LEX

I call that “lens character” Zeiss-Buttersharp, thou the JPEG compression and the LEX is softing them. On a 5D MKII they would look even better.

Click on the pics to see them in full glory.

Frank Glencairn


One thought on “Zeiss “Buttersharp” primes

  1. Hi Frank,
    I just came from the Vintage Zeiss Glass …page.

    I was looking at 120 and 180mm/2.8 aus Biometer to add to my S16 Zeiss super speeds. My thought is, when the lens is cropped this much, the resolution may not be up that of the super speeds. I have seen them (SSs) on the projector resolving a very crisp 200lp/mm. For bigger formats, the lenses don’t need this in order to look good. A 35mm format cine lens that can resolve 100lp/mm will look as good as the 16mm SSs projected to the same screen size.

    Any thoughts? The Jenas are cheap enough to just buy and try. Perhaps if this cropping affecting screen resolution issue is real, then the M42 lenses are best?


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