The Raid – First summer after WWII in occupied Germany

I´m not a friend of 48hrs or whatsoever projects.
Most of them are to Dogma, to handheld and to artsy for my taste.

Having said that, I did a under 2hrs project last weekend.

I was in an open air museum that features a complete German village at about 1910-1950.

No Disneyland, all the houses and “props” are real old. Absolute time travel.
I spend that weekend there with my reenactor/living history friends and we did an impression of occupied Germany in September 1945 – the first summer in peace.

Since I had my trusty HVX200 with me, I had the idea of a little drama.
The museum opens at 10:00 so we had 2 hrs to shoot when we start at 8:00.
Well, we started at 8:30.

Of course it was all very quick run and gun, handheld without sound and light – exactly the combination I usually hate – but on the other hand it also was some kind of challenge for me, since I never done something like that.

Here is some news coverage of that event:,1345474

Frank Glencairn

When the video is playing, double-click on on it, to see it in full screen.


3 thoughts on “The Raid – First summer after WWII in occupied Germany

  1. I give up. I turned it up as far as I could bare but still no dialog. Was there supposed to be dialog? I could see mouths move. 😦
    Why did Americans raid a house where an American was hold up? A bit confusing. The music was quite good tho.

  2. LOL, under the circumstances I described, there was no chance to have proper audio boomed. The camera mic is a No-Go, especially if you are shouting directives to the actors while shooting. So I decided to have rather good music than bad audio.

    They raided the house because the women where hiding a German ex-soldier. When the MP took them in, he surrenders to save them from being falsely accused and punished.


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