Is Microsoft gonna buy Adobe?

Microsoft  CEO Steve Ballmer, showed up  at Adobe’s offices  for a secret meeting with its CEO Shantanu Narayen. Only the secret meeting turned out to be not so secret. Microsoft and Adobe held this high level meetings, to talk about how to slow Apple’s momentum in the mobile market. One option for the companies is that Microsoft would acquire Adobe.

Microsoft buying Adobe? Sounds pretty crazy, except that it almost happened before, back when Microsoft was still the most important technology company on the planet. The talks were frozen because at the time Microsoft was nervous about the Justice Department coming a knockin’ with some antitrust concerns.

Today, it would just seem silly. And I really don’t know how it’d help them fight Apple, who seems to be doing just fine without Adobe software on the iPhone.  It seems like it’s Adobe that was desperate to get on the iPhone, not the other way around. 

Thats very bad news if they succeed. The Microsoft corporate culture will not be good for Adobe. Remeber what they did to SoftImage?

Microsoft will screw up the Creative Suite. Also they want Flash dead, almost as much as Apple does.

Just imagine a little wise cracking clapper board with eyes, popping up in your time line, giving you smart ass editing tips?

InDesign will probably be integrated in Word and Illustrator will be part of Paint.
And imagine Photoshop with a ribbon interface?

Bleeding Christ! If that really happens i gonna buy a Moviola or a Steenbeck.

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