Great DSLR-Rig comparsion chart did a great…, well DSLR rig comparsion.

They released a nifty comparison Table, that lists a lot of the rigs out there.

Thanks to this PDF table you will see which DSLR rig is best for you with your own eyes without any confusions.
The most known DSLR rigs are compared and included in this table with more than 50 criteria listed. You will also find a chart showing the product scores and prices of the rigs.
This project is not sponsored by any company and in the future this will not change.
You can find amazing details with this table or you can just quickly reach to conclusions by checking out the chart and the top 3 table.

So if you are in the market for a new rig, I strongly recommend to have a look at  this chart.

The table is quickly changing with the new entries of DSLR rigs.
Go to for the most updated version of the table.

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