A 4k soccer mum camera from JVC

Yes 4k non less. And this isn´t some shady rumor from some dubious website but announced by JVC this week. JVC is promising a new HD camcorder in January 2011, using the world’s first LSI chip for high-speed image processing. The new  LSI chip is capable of recording Full HD, including both 2D and 3D images, and also 4K2K images that are roughly 4x Full HD resolution.

Consumers are increasingly demanding HD-level TVs, camcorders and other consumer electronics products, requiring manufacturers to offer products capable of rapidly processing extra-high-resolution images of the latest standards, including 4K/2K.

New JVC 4k soccer mum camera?

Here´s the specs:

High-speed processing of camera signals and video/still image codecs, including Full HD 2D/3D, 4K/2K and high-speed photographs.

Signal processing

Camera-signal processing is 1.7 times faster than JVC’s previous technology, enabling 8.3-megapixel video at 60 frames per second;

H.264 video processing is double JVC’s previous technology, enabling compression of 2.07-megapixel images at 60 frames per second;

JPEG still-image processing is 5.5 times faster than JVC’s previous technology, enabling compression at up to 8.3-megapixel images at 60 frames per second;

In addition to its image-signal processor, advanced image codecs and other image-processing technologies assembled into one chip, the LSI incorporates leading-edge 40nm process technology for high functionality, 40% reduction of power consumption and 50% reduction of system costs compared to previous LSIs. The result is a high-level LSI suited to a wide range of both consumer and professional products;

All hardware and software is integrated into one platform, enabling products that incorporate this platform to be commercialized highly rapidly.

Main Technologies

The LSI achieves real-time 3D compression of separate Full HD images (1920 x 1080/60p) from right and left cameras using MPEG-4 MVC. The amount of data is double the conventional side-by-side 3D recording format, enabling high-resolution Full HD 3D images with one chip.

4K/2K images (3840 x 2160/60p) using an ultra-resolution camera system are supported.

High-speed camera-processing circuitry and a high-speed JPEG engine enable the simultaneous capture of Full HD video and 8.3 megapixel stills at 60 frames per second.

High-speed frame video capture for 3D recording at 300 frames per second based on high-speed video codec.

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