Review Preview – Cheap LED Lights Shootout

LED lights for video used to be  a sad gimmick for many years. Color temperature, flicker, angle, and output where not up for professional work. Showing up on set , with a thing that looked like a cheap little bicycle light, was nothing that a self respecting  DP could do, without hurting his reputation. Then Litepanels came out with the first pro versions of those panels and they are respected at any set now, though they came with a hefty price tag.  Now those kind of lights are getting cheaper and better every day. But are they any good? Time for a Cheap LED Lights Shootout.

Here are the candidates:

The popular  NG 126 – 650 Lux for 70 Euros

The Z96 – 800 Lux for 60 Euros

The YONGNUO 135 – 960 Lux for 59 Euros

The YONGNUO 160 – 1480 Lux and fancy barn doors for 69 Euro

To see how they hold up against the “Industry Standard”, I throw in the Litepanels award winning LitepanelsMicro – 970 Lux for 296 Euros.

I´m still waiting for 2 lights. The snow slowed shipping down here a bit, so stay tuned and watch this space.

Frank Glencairn


4 thoughts on “Review Preview – Cheap LED Lights Shootout

  1. Hurry! I need one of these soon.

    I leaning towards Yonguno 135 but may go with the 160 depending on your results. Not sure if the barn doors are useful or just in the way.

    AFAIK, this will be the first comprehensive shootout of these inexpensive LED shoe mount lights.

  2. Awesome.

    If you haven’t already, watch for flicker on the Yonguno 135 when at lower brightness. There have been some complaints in the forums that this is clearly visible when rolling. Deal breaker if true.


    BTW, nice site.

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