First EPIC(#6) was stolen in France – please help!

The unthinkable has just happened. Mark Pederson’s chalet in Meribel, France was broken into while they were sleeping and EPIC 0006 was stolen along with cash.  The family is safe and no one was hurt.

This is a tight community. We need your help. Keep your eyes and ears open for any news, tips or details about an EPIC floating around. An EPIC is a hard thing to circulate since there is only one in the world.

Please contact anyone at RED if you hear of anything.

Reminder to those that may be looking here for the first time and that don’t know, #00006 is engraved on the underside of the camera.

Here is a list of the stolen gear:

  • EPIC camera body #00006
  • EPIC side-handle
  • EPIC Redmote
  • Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm (will post serial as soon as I confirm it from state-side)
  • 50mm RED Pro Prime – this lens is from the first set shipped – the lens is marked as T1.9 – with engraved text that reads “tested at T1.8”
  • prototype of Schneider clip on circular ND filter holder ring w/ND 2 x 128
  • G SSD (filled with EPIC footage)
  • GDrive mini – filled with a back up of EPIC footage)
  • RED Quick Plate
  • 2 x RED Brick batteries
  • LCD lemo cable lemo adapter power cable black Oakley bag

In case you see or hear anything regarding the stolen gear, please contact someone at RED immediately or HERE.

Thanks for any help or hint,

Frank Glencairn

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