Cinemartin SFV – New, very affordable mobile uncompressed recorder.

I´m a strong believer in uncompressed recording. I could never understand why on earth – with todays prices of HDDs in free fall – someone would like to record in a lossy, or worse lossy long GOP codec. In the moment there are only a few solutions for uncompressed recording. Most of them are more expensive than your car and not THAT much portable. The only exception is Cinedeck – but that´s still in the 10000 Euro price stratosphere. Now the Spanish company Cinemartin comes up with a brand new, very affordable mobile uncompressed recorder. The SFV.

SFV means “SMALL FORM PORTABLE VIDEO COMPUTER” and that´s exactly what it is. Not only a recorder, but a full blown computer that lives on top of your camera rig and can do much more than only record video. It records uncompressed straight out of your camera but also features an additional 300 mbps codec, just in case you need that. But first things first.

Two of a kind

The SFV comes in two flavours: The entry level SFVe, that records at 4:2:2 (HDMI only) and his big brother (though he comes in the same form factor) the SFV, that records at 4:4:4 – HDMI, dual SDI/3G.


The specs – as far as I´m allowed to tell – are pretty promising

Rugged aluminum housing, with industry standard connectors.
Very bright 7″ touchscreen monitor.
Dual hdsdi or 3G inputs,
3x video simultaneous video out (1 x monitor, 2 x PC display)
2 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0
1 x eSATA
Included SSD: SATA III 6G with 250GB.

The SFV records 1080 up to 60p, and 2K at 24p

Cheap media, available everywhere

The SFV features two docking bays for 2.5′ HDDs on a integrated hardware RAID, plus the internal system HD. You can simply swap out the HDDs with the push of the release button – no tools needed.

You can ether use SSDs or cheap 2.5 spinning drives of the shelf – pretty convenient.
When you run out of disc space during a shot, you can send someone to the next computer store and simply buy more cheap media. Try that with a RED.

Power hour
The SFV comes with an AC/DC adapter and also with a standard VMount plate.
With a Switt 86Whr battery you get 90 minutes of recording time.

Monitor at your finger tips
The custom recording software features zooming and panning in realtime while recording, which is an extremely useful feature. An other double-click with your finger, and the image snaps back to the full screen version.

Updates will be free, and since this is a computer, you can just download them and install them by yourself. No need to send the unit to a dealer andwhatnot.

The SFVe – 4:2:2 – HDMI only will be available after NAB, the SFV comes a bit later.
I´m not allowed to tell you about the price before NAB, but it will blow you off your socks.

As soon as I have received the production unit, I will give it an extensive test ride.
Stay tuned and watch this space.

Frank Glencairn

6 thoughts on “Cinemartin SFV – New, very affordable mobile uncompressed recorder.

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  2. wie lange noch? gerade hat CD den Gemini-4-4-4-Recorder für ca. 6k$ bekanntgegeben, soll Juli 2011 fertig sein….können die Spanier da mithalten? Auf jeden Fall aufregende Zeiten!

  3. New video Hands about T E O

    An All In One 5.7″ device:

    +++ QHD monitor (2560×1440 in 5.69″) <– this resolution is no achieved by any other monitor/video company at this size
    It have some assist tools (you can check on this video) and more that will come

    +++ As a Uncompressed 4K 444 10 bit recorder with a bandwidth of 1.2GBps <– no other company achieved this
    It have also a built in transcoder to give your recordings in either Prores or HEVC H265 <– in H265 Im not aware of any other competence

    +++ As a recorder for other cameras, as can record from usb cameras and gigaethernet cameras

    +++ As a Live Straming device (check the video for a demo) so you can live stream what you see on the screen <– Im not aware except teradek, but hey you can even share not only the video input, also the premiere timeline, resolve palette etc..

    +++ As a computer
    It have 16GB by default with 500GB this model, can go up to 2TB built in. It can run also hackintosh.

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