Handy little white balance gadget on your slate.

White balance is crucial for proper exposure and post production/grading. In a perfect world, you white balance your camera at every shot. But who lives in a perfect world? I got my this little handy SpyderCube for white balancing, but in the heat of shooting it seldom leaves the camera bag. I came up with the idea to mount it on the slate – et voila – it´s in every shot now.

I found a very handy way to mount the SpyderCube at the slate. It´s a spare flash rail, and a swiveling hot-shoe mount that I found in my grip bag. All it took was three wood screws and 2 minutes.

That little gadget is really a great help when it comes to balancing.
The SpyderCube is made of ABS Cycoloy, a hybrid resin that is fade proof, durable, and flame / shock resistant. In addition, colors are through-pigmented for durability, and are formulated to provide black, white and 18% grey.
Note the chrome ball at the top, which provides for checking specular highlights in your image. There is also a hole at the bottom which is a light trap, and gives a true black reading.

White balancing is a piece of cake. Just go to your favorite color grading application and use the eye droppers.


Frank Glencairn


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