SONY NEX FS100 – uncompressed vs. AVCHD

I recorded uncompressed (RGB out) to my Blackmagic Decklink. 50i 1/50 shutter. At the same time I recorded to the card.
Looks like it is halfway smooth that way – at least on my preview monitor, coming from the timeline.
So for the moment 50i 1/50 it is.

By the way, I expected way more difference between those two.
It takes some color correction and a 200% magnification until you start seeing the artifacts in the AVCHD version.
Quite impressing

Here is a screenshot and a 200% crop.

Left is uncompressed, right side is AVCHD.

5 thoughts on “SONY NEX FS100 – uncompressed vs. AVCHD

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    • What are you smoking? The FS100 only does 4:4:4 over HDMI. As a matter of fact, no camera can do RGB out of component, because digital signals over component are YCbCr (same as YUV aka 4:2:2 over HDMI)

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