1945, Stunde Null – Entering Germany Teaser

This is a teaser for an upcoming 30 minute “Histotainment” program.
Music by Kevin McLeod

UPDATE: NOW IN 3D – just click on the 3D button in the lower right.

10 thoughts on “1945, Stunde Null – Entering Germany Teaser

  1. Dieses Film scheint ganz interessant. In somewhat similar vein you might find my project worthwhile. It’s a memoir/biography which concerns an elderly friend of mine who grew up in Vichy France during WWII among Russian exiles including Felix Yusupov, the assassin of Rasputin. Among many other adventures, she transitioned male to female quite late in life.

    Mit freundlichen grueßen,

    Ross Eliot
    Babette: The Many Lives, Two Deaths and Double Kidnapping of Dr. Ellsworth

  2. Frank, thanks for your reply. It looks absolutely awesome. I was torn between the FS100 and the C300. It seems like the FS100 is pretty much the same thing with 1080p 60. Would you agree?

    Also, what picture profile are you using on this shoot and what lenses are you using? What grading are you doing in post? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just really impressed with what you are able to get out of the camera.

    I know people say it’s an excellent documentary camera but you’re really getting a cinematic look out of it, which is quite different than a lot of the videos posted of the FS100. I’m currently shooting with the 5D Mark ii. I shoot a lot of interviews and am concerned about losing the shallow DOF. Besides ND filters and shooting wide open, and suggestions how to get the max DOF on the FS100.

    Thanks again and great work!!


  3. If you look at the specs, (especially the sensor) the C300 looks better, but if you look at the finished material at the end, there is not much difference IMHO.

    I used my G-LOG profiles. Lens was a 35mm and 85mm 1.4 Samyang/Rokinon.
    Underexpose at least one stop. No fancy grading, just tweaking the curves a bit.

    If you want cinematic, I would not shoot 60p. 24 or 25 (if you are in PAL land) at 180 deg shutter makes much nicer motion rendering.

  4. One more question Frank…what color correction / grading program are you using? I’m transitioning from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere 5.5. I really liked Apple Color but that’s out of the equation now. I have Colorista II as a plugin as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks again Frank!


  5. Just used the curves in Premiere on this one, but yeah I really like Colorista.
    I worked on Henry, Flame, Resolve andwhatnot, but I think for 95% of all color grading I do, Colorista and Magic Bullet Looks are providing anything I need.

  6. For FS100 I use SONY PL prime lenses. The color is consistent from model to model, this helping with the challenging task of color correction. Have Samyang 85mm and 35 lenses same color characteristic? Thanks.

  7. Frank, now that I bought the FS100 two weeks ago and they just announced the FS700, what are your thoughts on the two cameras and the future of the FS100? It seems the FS700 has ND filters, slo motion and an SDI out port. No 4K as of now so it seems like the FS100 with an upgradable future? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

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