My new editing suite in-a-box and DIT station

Since my work flow changed a bit and I sometimes need to edit on the road, in a hotel andwhatnot, I decided to build a portable editing suite and DIT station.

Screaming i7, 16 Gig of RAM, 2 Gig Nvida for Mercury, 1920×1080 display,

Two USB3 4 Gig RAIDs, multicard reader and HDD/SDD docking station, Laptop cooler plate with silent fan.

Everything in a nice (Chinese) Pelibox.
Hell I can even edit RED RAW and uncompressed HD in real-time on that baby.
Just need to make a sun/rain shield.


Just updated my suite-in-a-box with a BlackMagic Studio HDMI, SDI in/out capture and playout box.
So now I can capture, monitor and play back/out uncompressed, compressed (motion JPEG) and even Cineform via SDI/HDMI.



16 thoughts on “My new editing suite in-a-box and DIT station

  1. The “Pelicase” is from Ebay – 40 Euros. Just search for “waterproof plastic case”.

    The Raids are ORICO 3529rus3 USB3.0+ eSata 2x 3.5″ SATA HDD RAID
    (also from Ebay – around 99 Euros) – I love the fact, that they have those “drawers”, so you just can pull out the drives and bolt in (tool less) a new set, if they are full.
    I use two enclosures wit two 2 GIG drives each. One box is for the Files and one is mirrored for backup. Both boxes are setup as RAID 0 and deliver about 180 MB per sec.over USB 3.

  2. I am very interested in the external RAID solution you used.Have you tested esata speeds?Anything else you can share about the raid?Must be the cheapest raid solution on the market and it worries me kind of.

  3. So Frank how are these orico raids holding up?I am buying -for starters- one piece for Raid0
    and wanted to know if you had any issues with them.Thanks.

  4. Nice rig, couple questions, does the lid shut with the laptop in there, looks like not, you carry the laptop in its own bag?, and also what brand is the board or support board the laptop sits on? Do you just run a power strip outside the case? or you have a power distributor inside the case to?

    • Yes, the lid shuts.
      The board with the fan is a laptop cooler by Xystec
      There is a 6 plug distributor in the case, so just one cord coming out.

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