FS100 G-LOG color correction of Philip Blooms x-mas shootout

Twas the night before Christmas and 4 blokes and some cameras went to the river for a shootout. One of the guys was Philip Bloom and what they did, was a very nice comparison on the new breed of large sensor cameras. I was delighted to see, that Philip used my G-LOG A picture profile on the FS100.

As you all know, the G-LOG profiles are made for grading, instead to use them out of the box.
I´m working on a workflow in the moment, that includes a G-LTU, to get the bet out of the profiles.

I wanted to know, how close I can match the C300 LOG-C material and FS100 G-LOG material.
So I tried my prototype workflow on the material that Philip shot.
Keep in mind, that the pictures where heavily compressed in camera, than a second time for output from the timeline.
I downloaded the mp4 file from Vimeo, imported it into Premiere, and than exported the frames as JPEG.
Those JPEGs are imported here, and I don´t know if WordPress does some more “magic” to them.
So take those pics with a grain of salt, but I think you get the idea.

Doubleclick on the images, to see them in full glory.

This is the shot, out of the C300 – untouched

This is the uncorrected frame of the FS100

And this is the same frame, after I applied my workflow.

Please don´t start asking me what I did.
It´s still work in progress. I let you all know when I´m ready.
But in the moment it´s too early.

Make sure you read Philip`s great Christmas Shootout article: http://philipbloom.net/2011/12/28/christmas-shootout/


4 thoughts on “FS100 G-LOG color correction of Philip Blooms x-mas shootout

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  1. the thing that most impressed me was in the 400% resolution test in Philip Bloom shots, is how the fs100 and f3 (and the GH2) can take more details in the briks (corner left down) than the C300; because the C300 was announced like the sensor with more resolution of all the cameras with S35 sensor arround ( leaving out the F65), but in the real situation the camera can’t handdle that briks. Is not the compresion, because all cameras was compresed in the same file, the every camera suffer the same I guess. And I love your G-Log, I’m testing it and soon I will upload a complete video do it with G-Log. Happy new year to came….

  2. That graded image looks fantastic. Just receiving the FS100 today but I’m planning on loading it up with your G-Log once I do. You expect the LUT to be ready sooner rather than later?

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