Shooting “Man Of Steel” with Sony´s new FS700

After Sony`s announcement of the FS700 have shaken the community, the dust has settled a bit and I´m allowed to release the stuff I shot with it.
I gonna shoot a series of micro documentaries this year, called 10DOC, cause each one will be 10 minutes long. Interesting folks, with a strong dedication and passion, in what they do, interesting stories to tell, at an interesting location. That´s the concept of the show.

A friend of mine – Gustav Wiedegren – runs an old school hotrod speed shop and makes hand build race cars. Just perfect for my pilot.
So I went down to Bissingen (Bavaria) and shot “Man Of Steel” with a shiny new FS700 pre-production unit.
It was great fun and the camera worked just fine. Over 90% of the material of ManOfSteel was shot with the FS700 and 60% of this, recorded with an Atomos Samurai in ProRes. All the slow-mo and the rest was recorded on the SD cards @ AVCHD. Just at the end I found out, that you also can record the slow-mo on the external recorder.

Behind the scenes
Here is a little bit of BTS.


10 thoughts on “Shooting “Man Of Steel” with Sony´s new FS700

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  1. It’s hard to tell which shots are from the Samurai and which are in-camera AVCHD, before Vimeo compression can you see a noticeable difference in the two?

  2. i really love the fs700 great work!!… hey what are you burning to get that smoking ambience? whats that smoke? … thanks

  3. It´s called SAFEX smoke powder – a tablespoon is enough for a room, but some folks hate the smell. A bit like frankincense mixed with BBQ coal.

  4. Hi Frank, beautiful work, do you have any FS700 picture profiles yet that you are using? will the FS100 be the same for the 700?, noticed some different settings in the FS700 over the FS100. Great work!


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