Movie Cloud – End the Hollywood Monopoly

“This Movie Cloud guy is right — Hollywood is a monopoly…These are real film experts…I applaud the idea and initiative.” – Robert X. Cringley, I, Cringely: Cringely on Technology 

“I’ve known Dov Simens since 1992, and if anyone can pull this off it is he! We will be following Movie Cloud from the UK with great interest.” – Elliot Grove, founder, Raindance Film Festival (one of the Top 5 independent film festivals in the world.

Hollywood Re-Invented 

It’s no secret that the Hollywood system determines whose movies get made and whose movies get watched—the rest never see the light of day…or the dark of the theater. The fact is: Hollywood is a monopoly. 50,000 films are made every year, but the general public only sees 200 of them. Why? It’s simple: Hollywood restricts filmmaking and movie viewing.
















For the last 100 years, Hollywood has been a closed-shop that excludes people and maintains price control. Additionally, thousands of talented filmmakers and writers have stories ready to be made, but no resources with which to make them – no financing, equipment or hope for distribution. That’s why we created Movie Cloud™.

If you’re like us, you’re tired of paying $15 for a movie ticket, $16 a month for Netflix, and $100 a month for cable. Would you like to see the 50,000 independent features that are made every year that Hollywood says you can’t see? More importantly, would you like the freedom to choose? We would. Movie Cloud™ will revolutionize the way we make and see films. And, with your support, you’ll be able to view the 50,000 feature films made yearly…and save. And maybe YOU have an idea for a movie.

How many times have you gone to the movies and thought, “I could do better?” At Movie Cloud™, you can. More on this later. Major studios from Sony to Warner Bros. have met with us about Movie Cloud™, and we’ve been approached with seven-figure offers to sell Movie Cloud™. We’ve turned them all down. Why? Because this is a revolution. A revolution for the people – for the viewers, for the filmmakers – and we want YOU, not studio executives, to control the movies you see and make.

That’s why we’ve invested $270,000 so far creating the Movie Cloud™. Now, we need your help. We need you to join and support the revolution. With your help, the Hollywood monopoly will be over. What is Movie Cloud™? Movie Cloud™ is a global, one-stop, open architecture, web-centered movie studio and on-demand theatre megaplex loaded with over half a million dollars worth of software, tutorials, databases, contacts, directories, checklists, agreements, forms and accessibility to financing-funds that, up to now, were only available to A-List high-powered studio executives.They will now be available to you. Movie Cloud has three main components and 15 sub-components.

  • 1. Movie Studio (Millions of virtual production offices and theatres for writers, filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, movie fans and more) 
  • 2. Movie Bank ($175 Million in potential production funds)
  • 3. Movie Theater (50,000 independent films/year)

All of which are seamlessly connected by a global social network that enhances how you view, share, make, fund and market movies by yourself or with others.

How It Helps Filmmakers

At Movie Cloud™ you will have access to the same software, resources, contacts and funds as the Hollywood A-Listers who spend $20,000-$30,000/month for big studio offices where they churn out the same old movie franchises. What a waste. At Movie Cloud™, you’ll have a similar virtual production office with guaranteed marketing opportunities, worldwide distribution and revenue streams for your films. You can set up your secure office for your crew and team to view (and rewrite) the latest script, post notes on upcoming productions, collaborate, work on budgets, set up call times and more. Plus, you’ll soon have an exclusive right to utilize our Movie Banker™ for financing, with projected millions in crowdsourced funds. The next thing you know, YOU will have created a blockbuster…not Hollywood.

One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked about the software is, “What makes it so different than the others?” With over 30 years of combined experience in film education and development, we know what people want. An example of the screenwriting software we’ve been developing: Imagine you’re a screenwriter in Chicago or Kiev or Los Angeles, and you’re writing a script where a part calls for a Female, 22-26, Blonde Hair, 140 pounds with a British accent. We’ll also have a free database for actors to post their photos, demo reel, resume and location. As the writer, you’ll be able to enter the stats you need for a particular role in your script, and Movie Cloud™ will search its actor’s database and find people who meets those specs in your area (and within a 10-, 25- or 50-mile radius)…and pop their pictures and contact details up on your screen. So you can discover actors who are available in your area to be in your movie…as you write your script.

And let’s not forget the filmmakers who have made their own movies but are now being excluded from Hollywood. Imagine all those great story and character-driven comedies, thrillers, love stories, horror flicks, animated movies, even documentaries, that never make it into the theatre. Now, with Movie Cloud™ you can see them any time, anywhere and on any platform. Watch and share them with friends, network, collaborate socially, share and link.

Whether a fan, a filmmaker, or anyone with an idea, at Movie Cloud™, you’ll have your own real estate (, your own virtual production office and personal theatre (,, and a customized e-mail address ( to collaborate, socialize, network and conduct business. We currently project a Production Office will be only $3/month, but it will be free for our IndieGoGo pledgers.

How It Helps Moviegoers

Moviegoers want a choice. We’ve talked to thousands of people who said they’re tired of the clichéd, cookie-cutter, high concept/no story visuals that Hollywood keeps churning out. They want fresh, original character, story-driven movies. How many times can you watch the same 200 movies over and over and over?

See the whole shabang here, and support Movie Cloud on IndieGoGo:


2 thoughts on “Movie Cloud – End the Hollywood Monopoly

  1. The theatrical distribution system is down the drain. If you leave aside big studio, big studio low budget releases, indian and chinese niches and about 10 films from famous directors like Lars Von Trier, less than 1% of US box office belongs to half of the theatrical released films (about 300 out of 600 total). The average box office of those 300 theatrical releases is less than $50,000 in the first year and the releases are only shown in 2-3 theaters on average. That average still contains relatively well packaged material with well known producers, directors, movie stars, etc. Material that will probably has an advantage over any real indie film when it comes to world distribution in tv and theaters/DVD.

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