NAB 2015 round-up and thoughts

Soooo, NAB is over. Here are some short thoughts on some of the the new gear, that was shown this year.


Redrock Halo focus system

Pretty awesome idea, but – depending on the price – rather something you rent, instead of own.

Also there is the Andra Motion Focus System, which I think is even more versatile and cooler, especially for precision at wide open iris,  but comes with a 10000 bucks price tag. So as much as I want it, I doubt I could ever afford to own it. I think it’s an amazing system though, probably the best out there in the moment.

Freefly MIMIC

Nice and intuitive, but until I can’t give it a test ride, I’m not sure if I prefer that over the normal remote control. Maybe it leads to a bit “too organic” and less cinematic moves.

RED  Weapon

Impressive numbers at RED – as always. Also the Vista Version. But finding lenses that  cover the Vista image circle, and actually resolve 8k, will not be that easy.

C300 MkII.

Seriously Canon? I mean probably not a bad camera, but I think that Canon is delusional regarding pricing. For the money, you get so much more elsewhere.

Panasonic AG-DVX200

As always – too late too little

AJA Cion

IMHO the Cion was already dead on arrival at last NAB – too less for too much money – I don’t even know, if there is a market for this camera – sorry AJA

AVX Wireless Audio for Video recording

Doesn’t sound bad, but why, oh why did they choose proprietary rechargeable batteries (lasting only 4 hrs) instead of the common AA or AAA type? Do we really need an other box of special batteries and chargers on the set?

Kinefinity KineMAX

Pretty amazing camera, and IMHO the only one that is in the same league with BM cameras, that come as close to an Alexa as it gets.


It became almost a tradition to steel the show at NAB, and with the new amazing 15 Stops  4.6k sensor, the Ursa Mini and the Micro – looks like they did it again.


Though the new Phantom III is a pretty amazing drone for the price, the codec still sucks. IMHO any sort of long GOP codec doesn’t cut it for aerial cinematography. I was hoping for a larger gimbal on the Inspire, so I could mount a BM Pocket camera – but no dice.


2 thoughts on “NAB 2015 round-up and thoughts

  1. Frank you should look at a larger multicopter to fly the BM. Most people who have only played with the smaller UAVs don’t realize that with 6 and 8 motor multirotors you can actually survive an engine failure. It will be coming down, but it will be safe. I am sure that there will be lots of 3 axis gimbals specially for the BM coming out soon. 3DR’s Pixhawk controller and the STorM32 gimbal controller will be working together shortly. This should allow the full automation that the Solo gets, but with a bigger multicopter and much better camera.

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