DigiPin13 – Wireless LANC controller review

Okay, this is actually pretty amazing. I just got my hands on the DigiPin13 wireless LANC controllers – did I mention wireless? Yeah – wireless! As far as I know, this is the first and only wireless LANC controller out there, and it works pretty well with Sony, JVC, Canon and – low and behold- even fully supports all the LANC functions available in Blackmagic cameras. 


So why do you want a wireless LANC controller? Good question, I’m glad you asked. When I have a camera on a gimbal, its not only one cable less, that gets tangled up, especially on a one-hand-gimbal like the Nebula – I have zero cables at all.
Same goes for cameras on a jib arm or crane, cameras that you mounted in tight places, on car hoods, hidden in closets or refrigerators anwhatnot. A wireless LANC makes life on set so much easier.
But its not only the absence extra of wires (or wires at all), its about (almost) total control.
The DigiPin13 devices let you control everything, your camera supports over LANC.
That’s obviously start/stop, but also iris, focus, zoom (if your lens has a motor), fader, shutter, white balance, power and more, depending on your camera model.
You can control up to 5 cameras simultaneously with just one remote. Actually it is way more sophisticated, than it looks like on the first glance. With the function key, you can set up different channels of receiver and transmitter, and you have multiple layers of functions. For details, see this PDF 
Also the system is software upgradeable, if cameras support new/more functions.
The controllers come in two flavors. 
The WL1 controller, that looks a like your typical remote, and the WL2 Controller, that sports a additional zoom rocker, mounts at your tripod handle (or anywhere else), and looks more like the usual camera controllers.
The WL1 is powered by two AAA batteries, while the WL2 comes with external power. I just use the D-tap from my V-mount batterie to power it.
The receiver (RX) is a little cube with the LANC cable and two LEDs. It can be mountet anywhere on your camera, on a hot(cold) shoe. The LEDs signal rec, and status of your camera. The receiver doesn’t need additional power or batteries.





Blackmagic Design cameras

  • REC start/stop
  • focus
  • auto focus (push)
  • iris
  • auto iris (push)
  • zoom


Sony, JVC, Canon with suported lanc (depend of function in camera):

  • REC start/stop
  • focus
  • auto focus
  • focus (push)
  • iris
  • auto iris
  • iris (push)
  • changeable speed zoom +/-
  • greed
  • fader
  • shutter
  • WB reset
  • Power Off
  • on screen data
  • rec search



There is not much to say, except:  it just works, right out of the box as it should, on all my cameras.

The range of 80 meters is more than I probably ever need. The system is super configurable and robust, I can even zoom my Panasonic MFT pancake lens, no problems or hickups at all.

The WL2 controller is obviously made with a 3D printer, and has the typical layer pattern, but actually I could’t care less – it works just fine, and seems pretty robust.

Ordering and more information can be found here:




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