Shooting Tergiversation

Shooting a short film – Tergiversation – during the last 4 days in Switzerland. Amazing actors (Alexa Jago, Sidney Kean and Lionel Podarski), great script, and the always awesome “Grey Eminence” crew: Remo Pini, Carolyn Pini, Marco von Allmen, Timo Schaub, Dominik Di Rosa, Annika Fausch, Alina Sara Hediger, Klemens Niklaus Trenkle, Sandro Schreiber


We where shooting on two Blackmagic Ursa 4.6k Minis in 4k scope, raw 3:1, 24p. I managed to shoot the whole film on just one lens, the famous Angenieux design Tokina AT-X Pro 28-70 – some of my favorite glass.


There where also two macro high-speed shots (120 FPS), where I used a Canon and a Vivitar series 1 macro lens.


If someone is interested in the lighting setup, here is the plan.


I overlit about two stops, and brought it back in post


Here are some first frame grabs. Color grading was done in Resolve.


and some BTS

Not only did we win the Southern Shorts Festival, much to my surprise, they also gave me an award for Best Cinematography.


10 thoughts on “Shooting Tergiversation

  1. Frank this is great work and your projects always inspire me. Congratulations on that one too, thanks for sharing. But the lighting layout I couldn’t increase the size of the image.

  2. Frank,
    thanks for sharing. Great job!

    I have few questions according to your workflow.
    Could you write something aboute your way of color grading? When you overlit, how you brought it back? In Camera Raw Tab? If not, would you be so kind and explain your way of doing that?
    Do you use LUT on the set or you work based on your experience, how the footage will look like after you brought it back?

    • Yes, I do most of my primary grading in the raw tab, only secondarys is done on the “normal” controls. I use a LUT in the camera, and output it to the directors monitor. For my lighting, I switch from 800iso to 200iso, which gives me a idea, how the final result will look.

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