Free “Instant Cinema – just add water” LUT for the Ursa Mini 4.6k

This LUT is around since quite a while now, but since I still get many requests, I thought I just make it also here available.

I developed this for a project I was working on, and cause a lot of folks liked the look so much, I released it to the wild (as is). It’s a really nice starting point for UM46 material. And yeah, I had some warm, Kodakish old fashioned, sweet-home-Alabama look in mind, when I developed this LUT.

It desaturates the greens a bit, so if that is too much for you, just bring them back in post.

Though I originally developed it for the Ursa Mini 4.6K, a lot of folks like using it also with other cameras , like Red or Alexa/Amira.

Here are some examples, what the guys from the BMCUser Form did with it. Image courtesy by: Lochness Digital, Abstrak, and Geir Eilertsen



To download the LUT, click here  and have fun 🙂

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