Behind the scenes of The Blacksmith

Here is some BTS and first grabs with quick and dirty color grading from The Blacksmith. We had the opportunity to shoot in a stunning location - an actual vintage blacksmith's shop. Here are some first grabs. Technical Info: Cameras: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Pocket 4K Optics: Tokina AT-X PRO 28-70 AF/2.6-2.8, with Ultracon FilterCodec:... Continue Reading →

How I shot a feature film with 3 Dedo Lights, a China ball and 7 shower curtains

Josefina Vilsmaier, Mirijam Verena Jeremic, Salber Williams, Silke Popp, Valentina Sauca, Ute Bronder Let it snow The film takes place in an apartment, during a blizzard. So my first challenge was to create a frosty white-out, despite the fact that in front of the windows where still trees with green leaves in the warm autumn... Continue Reading →

Stick of Light – a closer look at the Nanlite PavoTube II 6C

After watching a ton of glowing (pun intended) YouTube clips and reviews of Nanlite's Pavotube II 6C, I caved in and bought one (despite the fact, that I'm still not the biggest fan of LED lights). So after unboxing and playing around a bit with it, I have to say, it's pretty impressive. They packed... Continue Reading →

FineCut – why you should give the Davinci Resolve Cut page a try, even as a seasoned editor.

As Blackmagic introduced the new Cut page, I was really like - WTF?Why an other editing page? We already have one that works just fine - and on top of that (at least at first glance) a totally dumbed down version of an editing page? Seriously? I switched to Resolve as my main NLE since... Continue Reading →

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