Shooting Tergiversation

Shooting a short film - Tergiversation - during the last 4 days in Switzerland. Amazing actors (Alexa Jago, Sidney Kean and Lionel Podarski), great script, and the always awesome "Grey Eminence" crew: Remo Pini, Carolyn Pini, Marco von Allmen, Timo Schaub, Dominik Di Rosa, Annika Fausch, Alina Sara Hediger, Klemens Niklaus Trenkle, Sandro Schreiber We where shooting on two... Continue Reading →


OMUL (Human) got officially awarded with the prestigious “Predikat besonders wertvoll”

The shortfilm OMUL, I shot for writer/director Brigitte Drodtloff last year in Bucharest, just got officially recognized as "Prädikat besonders wertvoll" (Highly recommended) by the FBW (Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung), which is one of the most prestigious awards in Germany. And on top of that, it is accepted at Raindance and Hofer Filmtage Yeeehaw!  

Shooting “Man Of Steel” with Sony´s new FS700

After Sony`s announcement of the FS700 have shaken the community, the dust has settled a bit and I´m allowed to release the stuff I shot with it. I gonna shoot a series of micro documentaries this year, called 10DOC, cause each one will be 10 minutes long. Interesting folks, with a strong dedication and passion,... Continue Reading →

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