G-LOG Picture Profiles for the FS100 – version 1.0

What does a boy when alone at home? Right, he plays with his toys. I was musing over S-LOG for quite a while and was wondering if something similar – or at least S-LOGish – can be achieved via the PP settings. So I looked at waveforms of S-LOG files out of the F3. I tried to match them – as close as possible with the FS100. Of course that isn´t real S-LOG but if handled right, it can be quite pleasing. Remember, that this are not profiles for shooting “right out of the box”. They both need color grading in post to make them look right.

Okay gentlemen, the cat comes out of the bag:

G-Log comes in two flavors

G-LOG A: Looks deep into shadows

G-LOG B: Is a bit more on the conservative side.

Black Level: +15
Gamma Standard
Black Gamma: High, +7
Knee: 80, -1
Color Mode: Standard, +8
Color Level -5
Color Phase -7
Color Depth: R-1, G+2, B-3, C+5, M+1, Y+6
WB-Shift: LB-6, CC-5

Make sure you set your highlights between 85 and 90 IRE on G-LOG A.

Black Level: +11
Gamma Cinematone1
Black Gamma: High, +7
Knee: 90, +2
Color Mode: Standard, +8
Color Level -5
Color Phase -7
Color Depth: R-1, G+2, B-3, C+5, M+1, Y+3
WB-Shift: LB-7, CC+1

Some examples for comparsion:

Since it´s late here and I don’t have sunlight at hand I use my 45 Watt incandescent desk lamp and my monitor for lighting.
I did a WB on my face before recording.

All shot @ 0dp f 1.4 except G-LOG A, that was set to 2f 2.8 (to bright otherwise).

1. No PP at all

2. AbelCine DSLR PP

3. GlenColor1

4. Glencolor2

5. AbelCine Varicam

6. G-LOG A

7. G-LOG B

8. G-LOG A with gain and shadows adjusted in post.

Once those pics are uploaded here in the blog, they way too saturadted, redish and contrasty.

Since every browser seems to handle color different, here is the TIFF download link:

For comparison: This is what a LogC file out of an Alexa looks like:

(Courtesy Andrew Wahlquist)

P.S. There is an updated, more neutral (less greenish) version of GlenColor 1 and GlenColor2 aviable:https://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/new-glencolor-picture-profiles-for-the-sony-fs100/


There is a new version of G-Log here

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