Don`t be so shallow – Deep DOF – A new trend?

I feel a disturbance in the force lately. It was super shallow DOF up the ass everywhere, since 35mm adapters and VDSLRs. Now there seems to be a move towards a more cinematic DOF. Is this just an other "XXX is dead " thing, or is there a new trend?# It stroke me the first... Continue Reading →


Are you a VDSLR-Wimp?

Since the dawn of VDSLRs there is a disease spreading alarmingly fast and it seems to infect more and more shooters. The VDSLR-Wimp disease. I read a lot of forums and boards. And there I noticed him first. THE VDSLR WIMP. Intelligent, sober and sane folks suddenly write entries like: I got a problem here.... Continue Reading →

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