DigiPin13 – Wireless LANC controller review

Okay, this is actually pretty amazing. I just got my hands on the DigiPin13 wireless LANC controllers - did I mention wireless? Yeah - wireless! As far as I know, this is the first and only wireless LANC controller out there, and it works pretty well with Sony, JVC, Canon and - low and behold-... Continue Reading →

Shooting a feature film on BMC, with Samyang glass and Dedolights – am I nuts?

  Yeah, I could have had a Dragon, Leica lenses and all the lights I want - so it was definitely not a budget thing. Though I opted for BMCs, Samyang and Dedolights. I must be out of my mind - right?  No, I did what any responsible DP should do, choosing the right tool... Continue Reading →

Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs. Red Scarlet – Zeiss vs. Samyang Part 2

In part 2 of our comparison, Felix Patzke of Heimspiel and I, looked at the differences of famous Zeiss cineglass and pretty affordable Samyang (Rokinon/Walimex) cineprimes. As in our first article, we where quite surprised, that the differences are not as huge as we thought. Felix just got his hands on a set of wonderful... Continue Reading →

Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs. Red Scarlet – Zeiss vs. Samyang Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAj0KYfNL8M Always wondered, how a Scarlet and expensive cineglass holds up against a BMC and pretty affordable lenses? Is the difference - that is almost as huge as the price for a new car - really that big? Felix Patzke of Heimspiel and I where also curious, so we did a little shootout. Here comes... Continue Reading →

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