Free “Instant Cinema – just add water” LUT for the Ursa Mini 4.6k

This LUT is around since quite a while now, but since I still get many requests, I thought I just make it also here available. I developed this for a project I was working on, and cause a lot of folks liked the look so much, I released it to the wild (as is). It's... Continue Reading →

Everything looks better on KODACHROME – K-Tone LUT

Many moons ago, I made a Profile for the FS100, that mimics (as good as possible) the look of vintage Kodachrome film. Now I made a LUT that does the same. I kind of "re-engineered" the KODACHROME 828, daylight & Type A material, that was made from 1936 to 1962. This is the film that came out before the K-11 processing. It has a very nice "Vintage-Sweet-Home-Alabama-Look" to it, and gives you some very special red, yellow and blue tones. It also has a certain elegance and poetry to it that I really love. The K-TONE is a 3D cube LUT that plays nice wit most NLEs and color grading programs. The K-Tone LUT is expecting Log footage as input.

Bag of LUTs – a look at the VisionColor OSIRIS LUT collection

Last week, I stumbled over VisionColor's new set of OSIRIS LUTs. A grab bag of high quality Film emulations that gives you a great starting point for your grading.  Similar to FilmConvert they provide a range of film stock looks,  albeit without the grain function that FilmConvert features. But instead of just emulating film stock, they... Continue Reading →

Sony FS100 K-Tone Picture Profile – Everyting looks better on Kodachrome

As promised in my previous post, here is the K-Tone Picture Profile for the Sony FS100. Seems o be an appropriate time, since Kodak is on the brink of going chapter 11 - so we have a chance to get the "Everything looks better on Kodachrome" look over to our digital cameras. I was aiming... Continue Reading →

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