No more CDNG on Blackmagic cameras, and why it doesn’t matter at all.

A few days ago, Blackmagic announced (among other things) the new firmware for the Pocket 4K. It features a long awaited option: Blackmagic's own flavor of raw, called BRAW. A lot of folks where very happy, when they heard that - well, not for long. In the next sentence, they learned that CDNG is gone... Continue Reading →

Moon Harvest – Sony FS100 lowlight glory

Okay, here is a quick little low light test. I shot this hand held @ 21 & 30 db with the kit lens (cause I forgot the Nikon adapter at home - duh) The original file is more crisp, has more detail and more grain. But Vimeo recompressed most of it away. Actually the little... Continue Reading →

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