Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs. Red Scarlet – Zeiss vs. Samyang Part 1 Always wondered, how a Scarlet and expensive cineglass holds up against a BMC and pretty affordable lenses? Is the difference - that is almost as huge as the price for a new car - really that big? Felix Patzke of Heimspiel and I where also curious, so we did a little shootout. Here comes... Continue Reading →

ND Fader Shootout – Heliopan vs. the new GENUS Eclipse

Since over 2 years now,  I use the Heliopan Vari-Grau ND Fader religiously. I tried a lot of different brands before and have to send them all back, because they get ether soft on a long lens or had some crazy color shift to it - sometimes both. The Heliopan - though expensive - was... Continue Reading →

Codec Shootout – BlackMagic uncompressed Hyperdeck Shuttle vs. FS100 AVCHD

Okay, here comes the promised comparison between uncompressed recording via BlackMagic Hypershuttle and Sony´s flavor of AVCHD recorded to SD card in camera. As you can see, you can´t see barley any difference at all. Only in fast motion some minor differences are visible. Even with excessive grading to the material (much more that... Continue Reading →

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