DigiPin13 – Wireless LANC controller review

Okay, this is actually pretty amazing. I just got my hands on the DigiPin13 wireless LANC controllers - did I mention wireless? Yeah - wireless! As far as I know, this is the first and only wireless LANC controller out there, and it works pretty well with Sony, JVC, Canon and - low and behold-... Continue Reading →

Shooting “Man Of Steel” with Sony´s new FS700

After Sony`s announcement of the FS700 have shaken the community, the dust has settled a bit and I´m allowed to release the stuff I shot with it. I gonna shoot a series of micro documentaries this year, called 10DOC, cause each one will be 10 minutes long. Interesting folks, with a strong dedication and passion,... Continue Reading →

SONY FS100 K-Tone Picture Profiles Preview

Kodachrome was the first successfully mass-marketed color still film using a subtractive color method, in contrast to earlier additive "screenplate" methods such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor, and was the oldest surviving brand of color film for many years. Kodachrome film was manufactured for 74 years in various formats to suit still and motion picture cameras,... Continue Reading →

New GlenColor Picture Profiles for the Sony FS100

After some more extensive testing and endless waveform gazing, here is my (hopefully last) PP receipt: I ended up using two different PPs most of the time now. UPDATE Glencolor PPs 1.2! I just updated my PPs. Glencolor1 is for general use, mainly indoor. Glencolor2 is for outdoor - especially when sunny. After more testing... Continue Reading →

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