About Frank Glencairn


Frank Glencairn

Award winning Cinematographer – Editor – Colorist

and hardcore BBQ lover – not necessarily in that order.

Contact/booking: FrankGlencairn@gmail.com


AWARDS (excerpt): 

Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino/Hofer Filmtage 2021

Winner “Best Feature Film” Los Angeles LFM Festival 2021

Winner “Best International Feature Film” – Toronto Independent Film Festival 2021

Southern Shorts Winner (Best Cinematography)

Prädikat besonders wertvoll

Max Ophüls Award

Shocking Shorts Award

Crimson Screen Award

Winner Sidney Independent Festival

Winner REMI Wordfest Huston

Winner Rochester International Filmfestival

Winner Mountain Film Festival California (Best Mountain Film)

Raising Star Award Canadian International Filmfestival Vancouver

Winner Moondance International Festival



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