Shooting Tergiversation

Shooting a short film - Tergiversation - during the last 4 days in Switzerland. Amazing actors (Alexa Jago, Sidney Kean and Lionel Podarski), great script, and the always awesome "Grey Eminence" crew: Remo Pini, Carolyn Pini, Marco von Allmen, Timo Schaub, Dominik Di Rosa, Annika Fausch, Alina Sara Hediger, Klemens Niklaus Trenkle, Sandro Schreiber We where shooting on two... Continue Reading →


Syncing external audio with ANY camera and recorder – Tentacle takes the pain out of the butt.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you probably already heard about the TENTACLE SYNC system. If not, watch this first. So, now that you are up to speed, let's talk about syncing external audio and why it is a pain in the butt. First of all, why do you want... Continue Reading →

Four new Picture Profiles for The FS100 2.0

The FS100 finally received the 2.0 firmware update, so it´s time for some new profiles. My main goal was to get good looking skin tones at daylight. For other situations, play with the white balance till the skin tones are right and everything else should fall into place For best results: Adjust your black levels... Continue Reading →

Out of the Black: BlackMagic`s new Cinema Camera – why they got it right, but so wrong

Some of the things that really created quite a rumble at NAB this year was Black Magic´s Cinema Camera. I´m not gonna list the tech specs, since most folks that read my blog already know them by heart (for everyone else, look them up on the BM site). I want to share my thoughts, why... Continue Reading →

UPDATE of G-LOG Profiles Version 1.2

Fist of all: Thanks to all for that positive feedback and all the brave folks who tried my G-Log profiles. After gaining more understanding what the “color depth” actually does, here are the new profiles for G-Log (1.1). JUST DID A MINOR UPDATE - Version is 1.2 now “Color Depth” is quite misleading, since most... Continue Reading →

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