The End of all Camera Resolution Myths

Steve Yedlin, ASC offers an intriguing demonstration, on how capture formats, pixel counts and postproduction techniques affect image quality and why simply counting Ks is not a solution when selecting a camera.

While the “K Wars” continue to dominate many filmmaker and studio-level conversations about image quality and what camera system is “best” for a given project, cinematographer Steve Yedlin, ASC — known for his work in such films as Brick, Looper, Carrie and the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi — believes much of this discussion has been based more on advertising-influenced superstition than on observable evidence. His solution? Create an exhaustive, methodical, empirical presentation that would not only address the many issues swirling about this debate, providing isolated-variable comparisons  to demonstrate how he came to his perspectives on these issues.




You can read the whole article at American Cinematographer


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