LukiLink connects your camera to your smartphone via HDMI, and replaces
a monitor, a recorder, a streaming box, and even a wireless video link.

Imagine a device, that is  small and lightweight, has vivid colors, a bright screen, high resolution, amazing contrast, and doesn’t need additional batteries, to monitor your shot.

How about recording straight from your camera, without buying a recorder?
What if you could even stream out of your camera, live to YouTube, Twitter or FaceBook, with the same device?

Did I mention wireless monitoring, to any monitor or TV on top of it?

Actually you already have this device in your pocket – your smartphone.
All you need now, is LukiLink and the app, to make it all work.



Have you ever wished, you could use your phone or tablet as a monitor? Now you can.
Most phones feature an excellent screen, with high resolution and great contrast.  Why would you waste your budget on a bulky, heavy monitor, that needs extra batteries, chargers anwhatnot. Just plug in the LukiLink into your phone, and the HDMI output of your camera.
With LukiLink you can mount your phone everywhere, in every angle, even for selfie shots.




LukiLink also turns your phone into an external recorder.
Don’t waste your time, staring at progress bars, while downloading footage from your camera to your phone. With LukiLink, it’s already there.
Just push the record button, edit with your favorite app and post it on the net.
Yeah – it’s that easy.


Everybody is into live streaming now, but that front side camera of your phone is not exactly faltering, and also the backside camera can’t hold a candle to a DSLR, when it comes to image quality, and cinematic look.
Now you can use all the glory of your pro camera and lenses to go live. All you need is LukiLink and your phone, to make your streams stand out from the crowd.




On every self respecting set, there is a directors monitor, to prevent a bunch of people breathing down your neck, while shooting a scene. Those monitors receive a wireless signal from your camera – so you need a transmitter, and a receiver. But that shit is expensive.
Don’t let wireless monitoring eat into your budget. With LukiLink, it’s already build in.
Send the live signal from your camera with LukiLink, to every Monitor or TV via Miracast, FireTV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or whatever floats your boat.


Since I got a lot of questions, regarding lag, here is a quick test:



The LukiLink Kickstarter campaign is live now – early bird price: $79



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